Generative Design

Generative Design uses AI to generate thousands of options from a single idea. At Autodesk Toronto, we have the first floor plan ever created with generative design, where the computer really helps with the design process. As Autodesk CTO, Jeff Kowalski says, “this is about augmenting human creativity and intuition.”

The process starts with capturing data about how the occupants want to use the space.

Next the team sets goals and constraints for the space. In this case, there were six high-level goals including how people would connect with the space and how they could minimize distraction.

Below are simulations of daylight and views to the outside

The process generates thousands of options to choose from and each can be evaluated based on the goals.

The results are a truly unique space.

Below, you can see David Benjamin talk about how his team at the Living developed the Autodesk Toronto office with generative design. David says that “generative design allows us to go beyond some of our typical human linear thinking, our typical rules of thumb – it basically allows us to discover new possibilities.”

Learn more about Generative Design through our Dreamcatcher research project, our solutions page and with this infographic.