Reshaping Education for the Future of Work

How can humans, machines and artificial intelligence become partners in the workplace?

Innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), automation and robotics are transforming our workplaces and workforce, which in turn, poses new challenges and opportunities for our education system.

Are our schools and universities ready to respond to the disruption that is already changing the jobs we do, and how and where we work? As industrial robots join the workforce, future professions will demand multi-faceted, creative workers who can think across disciplines.

What will higher education look like next year…or 10 years from now?

Join us for this presentation by Randy Swearer, VP of education at Autodesk. He’ll take us on a journey through the history and purpose of the existing system, and discuss the importance of developing new ways of learning—both inside and outside of traditional educational institutions—that help graduates adapt to changing professions and new skills requirements.

It’s time for humans, machines and artificial intelligence to become partners in the workplace.

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