Autodesk Welcomes the Vector Institute

Autodesk is thrilled to have the Vector Institute – an independent, non-profit research institution dedicated to the transformative field of artificial intelligence – moving in as a new neighbour at MaRS. The Vector Institute will build on Canada’s outstanding pool of globally recognized AI expertise by training, attracting and retaining more top researchers who want to lead the world in machine learning and deep learning research, while having the flexibility to work on commercial applications with companies or in their own startups.

Minister of Finance Bill Morneau, Ontario Minister of Research, Innovation and Science Reza Moridi, Mayor John Tory and Ilse Treurnicht, CEO of MaRS Discovery District, stopped by to see what Autodesk is doing with AI for design from machined parts like the motorcycle swingarm being held by Minister Moridi to the floor plan of the new Autodesk office being shown in the background on the television screen.

Gord Kurtenbach, Senior Director of Autodesk Research said, “We just announced the Autodesk AI Lab last month when Mike Haley, our Head of Machine Intelligence, spoke here at MaRS so this is really exciting news. It shows the value in being part of the strong and vibrant innovation community here at MaRS. Autodesk is an expert in design and visualization technologies. When we pair this with AI, there is huge potential for large advances.”

Ramtin Attar, the Head of Design and Social Impact at Autodesk added, “A lot of what is done with AI, in fintech, for example, is removed from people. At Autodesk, you can touch and interact with the things that AI has helped to create. Our office is a great example – it’s the first floor plan in the world designed with AI and people can come in and see how cool it is.”

A rendering of the new Autodesk Toronto office showing a number of floor plans designed with AI