Create an Immersive Molecular Virtual Reality Experience in 60 seconds

Autodesk is hosting a hands-on workshop to introduce participants to smartphone-enabled virtual reality (VR) using the Autodesk Molecule Viewer (, a free, web-based molecular visualization tool for customizing, capturing, and sharing 3D structural content.
Participants will
  1. immersively experience a short VR demonstration on the visual system proteins, and
  2. receive a tutorial on how to create their own molecular VR walkthroughs.

The goal of the workshop is to unlock the potential for VR to revolutionize education, outreach, and research in molecular biology and related fields.

Participants will receive a FREE VR Viewer for their smartphone that they can take away to to share the immersion of their creations.
This workshop is organized as part of Biophysics Week. Space is limited. Light refreshments provided.
A sneakpeak of workflow here: